GlamRocks Event

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work outfit of the day! Purple heather tank + neon yellow knee length bodycon skirt + teal X gold necklace from and neon green X black X gold clutch bag from Berska!

After work - Naumi hotel for GlamourGirl event with Nadnut. (: 
Yummy lil' sweet treats!

GlamoGirl event last night at Naumi Hotel with @nadnut! This woman damn cute, when she camwhore "mirror reflections" she will always block her own face cos she's too into framing the photo and looking at the phone. hahahah Awesome time meeting all the other bloggers (:

Tested some of the products by Dirty Works on my hand, and I think my top two products i would love to try is the : 

Buff your Stuff Body Scrub - it has a refreshing minty yet uplifting lemongrass
Belle of the Ball Face Mask - Was told that it has a firming effect after use, smell pretty yummy too!

Had a manicure done with Exposed nail polishes! Omg the glitter polishes, damn awesome stuff! Did a shimmery mint + mermaid green glitter tips 󾬑✨you get grab the polishes from

Sooooo much body products! Lotions, body butters, super fine shimmer lotion that makes your skin looks va-va-voom!

Was gifted a set of Mini Luxuries from Dirty Works and Nail Polishes - Damson Crush & Million Dollars. Soooo pretty but i haven't had time to swatch it raaaaah! Follow me on Instagram: FidelisToh I'll swatch these beauties and insta it soon! :D

Love the packaging of Dirty Works. Reminds me of one of my favorite brands. heh maybe this might be a new favorite. Was pleasantly surprised that most of their products are mostly under $20! Soooo affordable.

You get find these products from
Right now there's a 20% off, only valid till 30 September - 4 MORE DAYS!
Just key "Glamrocks" at checkout to enjoy the discount.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Yomenya Goemon Spaghetti House

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ninja: I whack you to the left~ meow

Ninja: Then I whack you to the right!!! Muahahah

I would like to proclaim that the pasta at Yomenya Goemon Spaghetti House 
- are carbs that are totally worth having! It's at Level one at someset 313 near marche, the meitaiko pasta is sooooo good!!

Hahahah ok we order a set with the cheese souffle for dessert and we had our pasta, happily paid and walked out of the restaurant, then i was thinking to myself "Mmmmm! sooo satisfied! what should we have for dessert now?!" then i remembered that we both forgotten about my cheese souffle which have not been served yet! Raaaaaahh 

Hahahaha so paiseh so we went back and told them we forgot about it! Hahahah Oh well who cares i enjoyed my cheese souffle anyway. :D

Hehe tony tony chopper! Was catching up with one piece episodes with @leonlimyuzhi last night! Miss kawaii choooooopper~

While watching we were eating seaweed and @leonlimyuzhi was having chips and we got chips powder and seaweed salt all over the bed and kena spank by @leonlimyuzhi hohoho

My new "perfume bottle" necklace from! So mad kawaii or what!?

Oh my penpal, Angela who was so sweet to send me some rila and one piece love from down under Sydney, Australia! 

Awww so happy coming back home feeling so tired from working the entire day and seeing a "love letter" from Angela! Hahahah i think she secretly would find me damn naggy cos my letters to her all damn long! Hahah plus my handwriting damn ugly hahaha.

I can't wait for my next trip to aussie, then we can finally meet up and talk rubbish + go surfing and diving together! Mad awesome. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Last Man Standing, Zirca.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Was at Zirca attending the Last Man Standing event a couple nights back, how did ya spend your wednesday night?

We were gonna be mixologist and mixing our unique mocktails for the night!

Say helloooooo to my partner mixologist for the night, Tommy.

hahha i really like what krisandro replied to my tweet, he said "@fidelistoh not to belittle your prettiness but @tommywee is handsome sia. I'm straight and the fiance of @leshane btw."

Award-Winning Bartender, Kenny was mixing a mocktail that he specially created for the event. Belinda named it "Serenity" because it feels like something you would be sipping by the beach while reading a great book.

Enjoying my mocktail to kick start our night! Who needs to binge on alcohol to get high and party? I'd prefer to walk out of the club glamourously at the end of the night than being carried out and puking all over the place and lying around drunkenly (ashamed to say it happened to me once but.. never again will that happen!)

These days even when I drink I'll try to pace myself more, maybe alternate a glass of iced water or juice in between cocktails etc. 

Onstage for the Mocktail Challenge with Tommy and mixing away! Hahahaha our mocktail is named Gangnam Shot, so i was telling Tommy and Belinda that since we're doing the Gangnam shot, of cos we gonna do the "Gangnam shake" as well right!

Oh we won "Most Creative Mocktail" Hahaha when they announced the results we both heard "Grimlims shot by Tommy & Fidelis!!!" and we were like HUH? Stun.. what's Grimlim shots?! hahah but they call our name leh!

Which explains our amused expression during the awards presentation hahaha. Grimlims shot.

Ended the night with an interview with HPB and tried out the Last Man Standing Machine!

It’s real simple to play: blow into the breathalyzer and watch the levels light up to reveal if you’re a Ditzy Babbler or Giddy Guzzler. Go easy on the drinks and you stand a good chance at winning the title of Last Man Standing, and walking away with neat prizes!

If you’ve had too much to drink and see yourself becoming a Drunkensteined tonight, take it easy and sober up in the future. Remember, the less you’ve had to drink, the better your chances of having some great fun!

If you're a Last Man Standing you get to have a go at the instant lucky dip! Heh lucky me won myself some H&M shopping vouchers! 

So the next time you're at a club and you happen to see the Last Man Standing Machine (the Last Man Standing Machine would be at different clubs every week!), have lesser drinks and you might get Last Man Standing!
- Who knows, you might win yourself something while ending your night sober but yet had a fantastic night out? (:

 Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

8th year Anniversary

Friday, September 14, 2012

 Woohoo! Boyfriend has the day planned out for our 8th year anniversary celebration today!

FOTD! Using Dior Addict 566 Taffetas, such a pretty pink! Super hydrating and love the gloss~

Awwww! Got in the car and got a shock, haha totally wasn't expecting this @leonlimyuzhi so  sweeeeet! I think my memory is really crappy because he gives me flowers on every anniversary and it totally slipped my mind haha awwww

Went to do some paperwork for his new car (omg he's changing to a Soul! Can't wait to ride the new caaaaar hohoho) then boyfriend brought me to the spa for a pampering two hour long massage!

Just because i've been complaining about being so tired lately. Started my new job for one month now, other than work my schedule have been filled to the brim with my personal commitments etc and I've just not been getting enough rest at all. So my back etc have been aching like crazy. 

Omg so sweeeeeet, 2 hours of bliss really. Dozed off and when i woke up i was like omg where am i? Totally dazed and in super deep sleep while the therapist massage my sore, tired muscles.

Totally appreciate it baby! Awwww feel so loved loved loved. He even got us a package so we can come together more often for massage therapy etc!

I can't wait to come back with Leon soon to try the body scubs treaments! I sniffed a couple of the scrubs and they were all so refreshing and wonderful.

Dinner plans was an outdoors location but because it was raining boyf had to improvise so we went to our usual anniversary must go place, Dozo! (:

Really, no where else can beat their service. And of course the FOOD!

Some refreshing coolers to start of the course!

Oh we love the fried pasta/soba that we snack on while waiting for the food. haha we always request for extra serving of these!

Scallops, smoked salmon.. foie gras for appetizer

Air flown sashimi! My all time favorite - herring fish sashimi.

Hahahah leon wanted to snap this and i was like ahhhh faster i wanna nom nom nom already!

Boyfriend's Bluefin Tuna salad looks reaaaaally good!

Usually I'd order the beef consumme cos i love how light yet sweet it is, but this time i order the pumpkin bacon soup which was REALLY good.

Ahhhhh the Espresso Creme Brulee! Want more thinking about it now.

I must be the luckiest chick ever. ♡

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sweet boyfriend in Hong Kong now!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Was dafting my blog post at boyfriend's place while he was packing his luggage  for Leehom's concert tour in Hong Kong (LOL he damn slowpoke i finish drafting two long ass blogposts and he was still packing -.-" )

And i turned around and saw his packing his daily supplements in his pillbox and look at the insane amount of pills he take everyday. WTS really. I will box him if he force me to take his supplements. Lol

He's in Hong Kong now and he whatsapp me this and said that he bought me my favorite massssssk!! wooots so sweet! Best boyfriend eveeeeer!

He's been super sweet lately! Making me 爱心早餐!He said he woke up at 6am to prepare all these. Awwww. Tian mi mi!

Really make my day and feel so happy all day even though i gotta work! (:
Not to mention it made my colleagues all go awwww and super envious. hahaha

The nutella sandwich he made even had some "secret ingredient" that he knew i'd love and i totally did!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored Review: Twirl Perfume by Kate Spade

Just received a bottle of perfume for review: The brand new Twirl by Kate Spade! 

 The packaging is so lovely! Love the gold confetti print.

At the first spritz I didnt exactly fall in love with Twirl by Kate spade, but I gave it a second sniff and it's actually pretty awesome! It's womanly yet has an amazingly fresh scent at the same time. This little "treasure chest" that I painted a couple days back would look perfect with this perfume in it but obviously it wouldn't fit. Anyway you can find Twirl by Kate Spade at any BHG if you wanna try to scent out! Oh btw it's not an EDT but an Eau De Parfum. Perfect for me 

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.